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      A Qualified Contractor for Asbestos Removal

      Asbestos removal work requires a qualified contractor that is able to perform to set local or national regulations. If you are looking for that professional who is capable of performing asbestos removal work, getting in touch with Asbestos Watch Bunbury is the right option.

      • Our Asbestos Removal Team have an A-class license as a guarantee that they are authorised to remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.
      • We have years of experience working in the asbestos removal industry for both commercial and residential settings.
      • The Removal Team offer pre- and post services, such as completion of a control plan and disposal. The waste produced after the removal will be disposed of to a legal facility.
      • Our Asbestos Removal Team will give you a value price everytime.

      For a good price and excellent asbestos removal, call the Asbestos Removal Bunbury Team right now. Let them solve your problem.

      The Deadly Legacy of Asbestos in Australia

      Latest News reported that the asbestos legacy of the past has created bigger problems for remote Indigenous communities. The report finds that asbestos-containing material (ACM) poisoning is still a big risk in remotes areas like North Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, NSW and Queensland. 

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      This hazardous material has been a tremendous problem in every part of Australia. Asbestos has affected many people and communities in Australia, including the Indigenous communities. This toxic material is found to be in many Indigenous corporations, land councils, and older infrastructures: such as in public buildings, housing and churches.

      Asbestos in The Past

      Since the late 1800s, friable asbestos products have been extensively used in commercial and industrial settings for fire resistance, soundproofing and insulation. Housing built before 1990 may also be installed with friable asbestos products. 

      Its affordability and unique quality attracted many industries to use the products. The material is known for its flexibility, versatility and insulating capability. It was estimated that there are more than 3000 applications of asbestos worldwide. Australia was one of the highest users among the countries in the world until the mid-1980s.

      Australia first manufactured asbestos cement (AC) materials in the 1920s. From the mid-1940s until the late 1980s, the product was largely used in the manufacture of domestic buildings materials. The famous product “AC” is fibro, short for asbestos cement sheet. It was used mainly for roofing, wall cladding, fences and ceilings.

      Among six types of asbestos, chrysotile and crocidolite were largely mined in Australia up to late 1984. Between 1930 and 1983, nearly 1.5 million tonnes of all types of asbestos materials were imported to Australia.

      Asbestos Today

      The material was banned on December 31, 2003. The total ban applied to manufacture, import, transport, use, reuse, sale or storage of asbestos in all forms. 

      The ban is expected to stop the use of any kind of asbestos product in the construction industry. However, the reality speaks differently. The material still could be found to be installed in some buildings. According to authorities, dozens of Australians premises are contaminated by asbestos that was imported illegally from China. There are more than 50 buildings all over the nation suspected of containing illegal asbestos materials. 

      Thus, survey and testing become priority actions that need to be done immediately before the asbestos causes more health risks to more people.

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      Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Bunbury. Always be smart and be safe.

      Our asbestos removal processes

      Asbestos is a dangerous substance and requires proper handling by a professional. Always remember to hire our professional Team to inspect and remove asbestos materials.  

      Services that may be used by the Asbestos Removal Bunbury Team:

      1. Conducting a pre-inspection

        A pre-inspection by a professional removalist is important to identify asbestos within a premises. Our Asbestos Removal Team can assess and further conclude whether a suspect material contains asbestos. We can identify all locations of friable and non-friable asbestos at your premises. The Asbestos Removal Team can advise if you require an asbestos register on your property.

      2. Removing asbestos safely

        Our Asbestos Removal Team can remove all types of asbestos including ceilings, roofs, floors, fences, pipes, internal and external cladding. We will decide which equipment and method are best suited for your needs and remove asbestos safely.

      3. Dispose of asbestos to an EPA-approved facility

        Asbestos waste has to be disposed of in a facility approved by the EPA. Our team of experts will dispose of the waste in a manner that eliminates the release of asbestos fibres to the surrounding environment.

      Contact the Asbestos Removal Bunbury Team by filling-in our quote form or calling us directly and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.