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Raise Your Awareness: Potentially Deadly Asbestos found in Schools

Potentially life-threatening asbestos-containing material (ACM) was left in several schools for until a year after its finding. The ACM, which can cause mesothelioma and asbestosis, still exists at those schools. Based on last year’s visual inspection conducted by the WA Education Department, ACMs were identified with risk level of one and two.

asbestos management plan Bunbury - asbestos in school

Based on the government’s regulations, anything that was categorised as level one or two need to be removed to prevent potential risks to health. However, the asbestos removal project was done only in some schools, while the rest is still waiting for the action.

The fact that some schools are still being installed with ACMs left parents nothing but worries. Their children might accidentally find or disturb the fibrous materials and put them in danger. That is why an asbestos management plan is urgent for those schools.

Facts about asbestos management plans

For those whose houses or workplaces or schools built after 1990, the plan is not required. The AMP is strongly urged to buildings built before the mid-1980s because older buildings were likely installed with ACMs. Thus, checking the presence of dangerous fibres is strongly suggested.

Non-friable material was the most common type of asbestos used as building materials. The most common example of this type is asbestos cement (AC) sheet. The products of AC were mostly used for roofing, wall sheeting, vinyl floor tiles or fences. Non-friable material or also known as bonded material is a type of fibrous material that is made from a mix of a small amount of ACMs with cement. It is less likely to get airborne unless the product is damaged or deteriorated or drilled, sanded or cut.  For the removal of all bonded products more than 10m2 must be done by a licensed removalist with either a Class A or a Class B license.

ACMs were finally fully banned on December 31, 2003, therefore, structures built before that have a high possibility of being contaminated by fibrous products and to manage that hazardous substance, AMP is urgently needed.

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What is an AMP?

It is a document used to manage fibrous products in a building, structure or soil or waste that was contaminated by ACMs. An AMP is most commonly used by a landlord or property manager to help prevent exposure to occupiers of a building and the public.

Concerning the purpose of the AMP, it is designed to establish applicable procedures if ACMs are detected in the building. It defines roles and responsibilities of people in control to diminish or minimise the risks.

When fibrous materials are found within a building, the only effective method to control and monitor them is by developing an AMP. It will organise the proper control measures that needed to be performed to make sure that the materials containing hazardous fibres are undisturbed and remain in good condition.

The AMP must give information concerning:

  • The scope of the work to be done
  • Process of risk assessment
  • Maintenance activity frequency
  • The necessary training and introduction of all persons involved to make sure that they take required steps to keep themselves safe and do not damage the ACMs
  • The location of the ACMs

Before developing an AMP, the initial step is to hire a qualified assessor to do an inspection or survey of fibrous materials. The work will involve a visual inspection of the accessibility of building areas and collecting some suspected samples of fibrous products to be sent for testing. The sampling will be best analysed in a NATA accredited laboratory.

A risk assessment to health later is done on the proved materials containing dangerous fibres. The materials proven to be containing fibres are then labelled to notify people about the potential danger.

An AMP is often accompanied by an ACM Register, which gives details location of any identified or assumed material containing harmful fibres.

asbestos in class room - asbestos management plan

What is Asbestos Register?

It is a report that files all known or presumed ACMs in the building. The register will make sure that any contractor who works on the premises notices the location of materials and knows how to take the necessary precautions to prevent any risk. Having the register updated annually is mandatory for all workplaces and public buildings.

Solutions for Fibrous Materials

To solve your problems with fibrous products is either painting, sealing or covering those products that are still in good condition or removing them totally. For badly damaged products, the only safe solution is a total removal. The process will involve demolition, therefore, the person in charge of the building will be required to complete a removal control plan as required under the Work Health and Safety Regulations before starting the project.

Is DIY a Good Choice?

If safety is your priority, hiring a professional removalist is strongly recommended. DIY is only allowed for bonded products and the size of materials to be removed is not more than 10m2. The working hour allowed to do the job is only one hour in seven consecutive days. To minimise the exposure, protective kits such as standard masks, gloves, coveralls, and eyewear are required. Plastic bags are another kit that must be available for collecting the waste and the remnants.

Asbestos Management Plan Bunbury Service

For those who are responsible for controlling and managing a building, preparing a management plan is a must. If you need professionals to handle asbestos management plan Bunbury services, Asbestos Watch Bunbury is available to help you get connected with qualified contractors. The contractors we endorsed are experienced in handling various jobs related to fibrous materials in domestic and commercial premises. The accredited certification is a guarantee that they will do a safe and clean work following standard procedures.

Four main services offered by our endorsed removalists:

Disposal is something that can cause problems for you because it has to be done legally. Thus, the member contractors will make sure that the transport and disposal of the waste will be done following the procedures set by local authorities.

Regarding the prices charged for the services, it is competitive and will be worth the result you can expect. Satisfaction of the clients is their main priority. To help you to calculate the expenses for the services, three free quotes are granted to you. Therefore, be worried no more about extra costs when the work is done.

It is the right time for you to manage the deadly materials with our endorsed contractors’ using asbestos management plan Bunbury services. Call our endorsed contractors now and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.