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6 Things to Remember Before Renovating a Bathroom

There is a reason why bathroom on home improvement TV shows often deliver the most OMG and WOW factor. A good renovation can transform a dated or damp box into something functional and of course, beautiful! That said, the remodeling project involves lots of know-how and trades that makes bathroom renovation one of the toughest renovations of all. Bathroom renovations can serve up lots of hidden costs. As soon as you get a hand on it, the unforeseen becomes an issue.


6 Things to Remember Before Renovating a Bathroom


A bath renovation is no small undertaking – (you know it right?). Before you start picking out the tub and tearing up the walls, you should get a little advice from the pro. In this article, you can find some helpful tips to help you nail that bathroom renovation.

1. Have a plan before you start

Working with an architect or a designer may seem like a more expensive move if you want to remodel your bathroom on a budget. However, trust me, it is money well spent. Having a good plan you’ve worked out with a designer will assure you that your budget, timeline, and design are realistic. By hiring a pro, it will saves you heaps of money and time in the long run, so you won’t make expensive errors.


2. Consider hidden problems

If you are planning a major upgrade for your bathroom, consider doing a ‘full gut’. When done by a pro who has expertise, you will end up with a bathroom that function flawlessly and surely it can add tremendous value to your house for many years to come. Depending on how well it was built and the age of your house, the biggest problem you can find while renovating a bathroom is water damage. You should look for structural flaws in the vented plumbing, floor framing, old corroded plumbing, and non-waterproof tile shower.


3. Choose the right tile

If you want floors that are easy to care, go for glazed or porcelain tiles. Avoid porous natural stone for tiles, such as limestone. Unless the natural stones are sealed vigilantly, they will absorb spills and drips and become stained over time. If you want floors that are non-slippery, go for tiles with textured surfaces, sand-containing glazes or matte finishes. As another option, you can choose small tiles that have lots of grout lines that offer better ‘grip’ than big tiles.



4. Check for asbestos

It is very important to check for asbestos before you start your remodeling or renovating project. The chance of finding asbestos in old bathrooms in Australia is huge. In fact, one third of Australian houses are predicted to have asbestos products, especially the tiles! You should always contact an occupational hygienist to check asbestos in your bathroom before renovating it. By doing this, you can avoid the chance of being exposed to this hazardous material.


5. Update your toilet – don’t replace it

Here is a great tip you shouldn’t miss before renovating a bathroom: When renovating or remodeling your bathroom, you should consider to replace the toilet seat instead of throwing the whole porcelain perch. By changing these two tops, it can definitely give your toilet a better, fresh look without buying a new one. This can saves you some money; you don’t have to pay a plumber to install the new toilet!


6. Buy products that comply with Australian standards

If you fancy that imported Italian showerhead or tub, have a second thought about it. You have to make sure that all products installed in your bathroom are covered by an Australian standard watermark. If the product doesn’t comply with Australian standards, the plumber isn’t legally allowed to install that product. Choosing a reputable brand and also buying from a specialist bathroom store in your area, means less headaches in the future when you need a spare part.


Some don’ts:

  • Don’t even think about doing a DIY! Some works such as waterproofing should be done by a pro.
  • Don’t ignore pipework.
  • Don’t forget to calculate heights for things such as showers and benches.


So, those are 6 tips for you to get a successful bathroom renovation project. Always remember to consult a pro before you start. Good luck!

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