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Raise Your Awareness on Asbestos!

Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is famous for its ability to resist heat, as well as its dangerous component. Asbestos Awareness Day has been held for the Bunbury residents to gain knowledge and awareness on ACMs. Since this harmful material can be found in many locations including flooring, fencing, roofing, cement sheeting and piping products.

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There are few things you can do to protect yourself from ACM exposures, such as conducting an asbestos removal and testing work. It is important to conduct the job because it is the only way to make your live free from the fibre material.

People must learn to protect themselves from being exposed to asbestos.

But, how do you know when you have to remove all of the fibre products from your space? If you know that your building was built before 1980, there’s a high chance that your property is contaminated with fibres. Thus, you must check its presence right away. This is because there’s no safe level when it fibre exposures.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about ACM here with us!

5 Things You Need to Know Before Handling Asbestos

Dealing with fibre is not as easy as it may seem. You have to protect yourself from inhaling fibre dust when it goes airborne. Even though an unbroken fibre material will not cause you any harm. But uninstalling the hazardous product from your property needs extra care. There is proper protective gears and equipment you must use to conduct the jobs properly. Thus, DIY kits and works are prohibited.

So, what are those 5 things?

  1. Check your area: Check the presence of fibre products across your building. If your house was built around the 1980’s, then there’s a high chance that you own a harmful product inside of the building. Thus, you have to make a list of which products are categorised as harmful products. But the problem is that they can’t be seen by naked eyes. You need to do further actions to be completely sure of their existence.
  2. Perform an inspection: Professional contractors provide such services to identify all fibre products in your building. They can perform sampling through out the suspected products. Then, they will take the samples to a NATA certified laboratory to test them. All of the procedures need to be conducted in the most secure manner. Therefore, you shall just leave it to the experts.
  3. Consultation with experts: You may have to make a call to professional contractors right after you receive the brief report of the ACM presence in your building. They will make a control plan on what is the best step to be taken next. This can help them to arrange the best working flow to avoid any further contamination.
  4. Conduct asbestos removal: The removal must be conducted in the most secure manner. That’s why professional contractors are always ready with their protective gears and licensed equipment to perform the jobs. You can’t simply cut the material, break it, saw it, crush it and not even scrub it when you conduct fibre removal works. This is because it may generate more fibre dust. Although it is complicated, experienced assessors can get it done safely.
  5. The harmful waste disposal: Well, your trouble has not ended yet until you’re done dealing with the disposal process. You can’t simply put it in your regular garbage bin or asked the regular staffs to take the harmful materials to a regular landfill. The harmful waste must be sealed in bags or containers first before being transported to a legal landfill. Furthermore, a large quantity of hazardous waste must be transported by a specific vehicle and you need permission from the local council to do this.

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Yes, it is not as easy as it looks. However, there are professional contractors who can help you get through the hard times safely. Want to reach an expert? Try to call our members!

Easy to Reach Asbestos Removal and Testing Assessors

Asbestos Watch Bunbury is home for professional removalists specialised in handling asbestos removal, roof removal, testing, and management plan works. They are also capable of conducting beyond the regular services. Our endorsed members provide high-quality services at competitive prices. Rest assured your problems to our members! They can perform the jobs in commercial and residential level as they hold an A-Class certification.

We put your safety first thus don’t cost your life at risk! Call our professional assessors today and find yourself free from fibres in no time! Our endorsed members are keen to deliver the best solution for your ACM problems.

They are here and ready to serve you with a broad range of services, including:

  1. Asbestos removal Bunbury – Handling all kinds of friable and non-friable products inside your property.
  2. Asbestos testing – Perform a checking, testing and sampling process of friable products.
  3. Asbestos roof removal – Thorough inspections, removal and replacement of harmful roofing materials.
  4. Management plan – Designing a control plan to reduce the ACM risks and creating a clean environment.
  5. Air monitoring – Complete air monitoring procedures during the removal work.
  6. Demolition Survey – Delivering a comprehensive report and detailed information about the fibre presence within your property before a demolition works began.
  7. Soil remediation – Cleaning contaminated soil efficiently and effectively
  8. Emergency repair – Your first option to remove ACMs in an emergency situation.

Worry no more; We are here to help you out! Get to know the situation that you’re facing better; Get your 3 free quotes now!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Asbestos is a tiny material and invisible to the eye. It is difficult to identify the presence of asbestos by a visual inspection. You are going to need a thorough checking and examination in a laboratory. You can hire a professional to conduct an inspection and sample collection of the asbestos material. A professional will send the sample to the authorize laboratory.

The asbestos survey is a way to manage asbestos in your property. The asbestos survey will give you accurate information about the location, the amount and type of asbestos material in your property. If you suspect there is asbestos material within your premises, it is a smart decision to arrange an asbestos survey. Contact a professional to help you undertake the procedure.

You can find asbestos in the following areas:

  • Eaves gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Garage and shed roofs
  • Linings for walls, ceilings and doors
  • Loose asbestos packing between floors and walls
  • Floor tiles
  • Central heating flues
  • Insulation panels in storage heaters
  • Bath panels
  • Fire blankets

You can find a professional and experienced contractor in Asbestos Watch Bunbury. It's because Asbestos Watch Bunbury is an endorsement company for reliable and accredited asbestos contractors within Bunbury area.

The cost of asbestos testing will depend on two factors, the sample origin and the method used to analyze the sample. A comprehensive laboratory analysis with a report may range from $40 to $140. Additional testing by Transmission Electron Microscopy/ Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis will be more expensive than Polarized Light Microscopy analysis.

It's not advisable to remove asbestos material by yourself. It's because asbestos removal is not some Do-It-Yourself procedures that you can easily perform. You need proper equipment, extensive knowledge and skill to perform the procedure.

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